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It’s come to the end.

Hello, Alpacas and all. It’s Admin TOP here for one last run down of the place. It’s been a good 7, almost 8 months since I joined this family, and at heart, I will always be a part of this family. I am the main admin and I feel ashamed that I’m even thinking of abandoning this family. But lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping even my own blog alive, and if my soul dies, I don’t feel it’s good to lead on a tribe I can’t command. It’s been very rough but very swell. I wish all of you the best and that you stay well in your new families/homes. Here’s to the memory of our tribe.

Word to the Herd

Life of the Pacarectory: August 8th, 2013 — May 13th, 2014.

If anyone feels they could take the reigns to revive the tribe, by all means. That would mean the world to me. Message me, and I would be glad to teach you what I can for the intent of your efforts. Thank you, one and all.


I’m sorry, that I did not do my job. All of you moved on before me, I love that you guys did that! Unlike me, I would feel pity for leaving pacarectory. I was so close to bringing it back until I got myself into trouble that I didn’t know I was doing. Crazy right? I know. I’m resigning right now, and it’s time for me to also leave. It was nice spending the Pacarectory Life with you all. We almost had it, sorry the hype was so short. 

Remember, be positive and make great choices! 

Signing off 5/7/14 at 10:09 PM

Dannie Riel.

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Attention all alpacas

It’s hard to say I know but I think we all know by now that this family. Well isn’t really a family anymore. We all hardly talk and have issues with getting together to have family chats or anything of that kind. When I decided to join as a mod and take over the positions to help keep paca alive it was almost too good to be true and I was naive. Right now I can barely even remember to do things for paca and I don’t think anything will help at this point. I know I’ll have to step down and leave because I just can’t keep up with it. I’m not sure about the other admins or mods and what they’ve been up to but I hope that me leaving won’t be such a bad decision later on. I enjoyed being here with every one of you but I have to go. I wish you all a good luck and please try to keep paca alive. It would be a shame to see it all go down to waste. 

Thank you for having me. With much love, Chansik.

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5 months ago

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chxerin-deactivated20140619 sent: Sorry guys I guess I'm leaving since I'm barely on now a days plsu im going to remain independent. Even though its only been a couple weeks It was great being here.

It’s okay thank you for being with us even for a short while!

Anonymous sent: I'm really sorry to say that i'll be leaving. My typist has gone through a lot, and she honestly cannot take anymore stress. I'm so sorry <3 ~Lots of love, Kyary

It’s okay I hope you will get better and it was nice having you! ;; 

Anonymous sent: Hi, I was wonderingg is smut rp allowed? like kaisoo or sth

Um idk what you’re asking exactly. I guess so?? I mean we really don’t have anything against smut other than you tag it. 

——♠ Please welcome Dara to the fields and make sure to give her lots of sweets and hugs!

——♠ Please welcome Dara to the fields and make sure to give her lots of sweets and hugs!